Tying Without Pause

Sweating, tryingwithout pause
Gulls are cryingwithout pause.

Sand dusts my palms reptilian green
Bare skin fryingwithout pause.

How much longer can you take it?
Slow motion dyingwithout pause.

Cats with ribs just barely hiding
Wind storm of sighingwithout pause.

Where clouds depart, can I go too?
Diseased from lyingwithout pause.

Up too early hearing songbirds
Are they crying, without pause?

Erika, wake up, it's your own
Noose you're tyingwithout pause.


Erika Glass is a 21-year-old undergraduate English student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She fell in love with the ghazal after being introduced to the form at the Aegean Arts Circle Global Writer's Workshop in Andros, Greece. Erika finds joy in the ghazal's simultaneous pattern and spontaneity; its rhythm and wildness. Also a visual artist, Erika enjoys piecing the lines together to create a mosaic of images and meanings laced together by the ghazal form.