Shades of Yellow

I go out at night to look at the stars, the antique astrolabe yellow,
But neighboring towns pollute the night sky, neon signs cast a drab yellow.

Cuddly clumsy puppies tumble and nudge their mother to let them nurse.
They are a mixed litter with throwback colors: chocolate, black, and lab yellow.

Bullies tease and taunt and compete, daring each other to do foolish things.
When one declines, the shark-frenzy begins, each throwing the word-stab: Yellow!

It can take months for deep cuts to heal if infected.
They'll never close up if you pick them and check—quit! Beneath the scab, yellow.

Alfred Webster Anthony collected and investigated nature.
The heron which bears his name is green, his shrike wears gray and white, crab yellow.

Autumn is not exclusive to temperate climates.
In the tropics, just before they fall, the leaves of the baobab yellow.

Angelo Tarchi, composer prolific, wrote more than fifty operas.
Fifty-second, Le Cabriolet jaune... Halima calls a cab yellow.


Laura M. Kaminski grew up in northern Nigeria, went to school in New Orleans, and currently lives in rural Missouri. She is an Associate Editor at Right Hand Pointing, and writes poetry in both English and Hausa.  Her most recent poetry collection is Dance Here (Origami Books, an imprint of Parrésia Publishers Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria).