Emptying the Mermaid’s Purse

Love, something is stuck in my craw: your favorite dish.
Will you not withdraw your favorite dish?

Channels of blood run the deck; hot blades sever
the fins from the fish – it has a flaw, your favorite dish.

Butchered torpedoes pushed back overboard
like barrels of blanks; it’s gore, your favorite dish.

A tux, a tail, a predator; the apex of the tongue;
a cook, a waiter to pour your favorite dish.

I long to sink into bed with you, my well-fed bride,
though I am not any more your favorite dish.

Will you sail over long-lines dripping with hooks
like mercury drops? I will not chaw your favorite dish.

A camera rolls at sea. What beast is this?
What cold contamination? I balk before your favorite dish.

I will not sail over poisoned mareel. What bitter palace
is this? I wish they would ban, outlaw your favorite dish.


Lee Nash lives in France and freelances as an editorial designer for a UK publisher. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in print and online journals in the UK, the US and France including Angle, Black Poppy Review, Haibun Today, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Orbis, Poetry Salzburg Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The Dawntreader, The French Literary Review, The Interpreter's House, The Journal (UK), The Lake and The World Haiku Review. You can find a selection of Lee’s poems on her website: leenashpoetry.com.