Ghazal of Humanity

So many lives spent idle in a fleeting queue,
Gazing upward at idols, expecting a cue...

Do not dismiss the unknown for a sheltered view;
A ball moves only when struck by a moving cue!

Visions are filtered through a lens in one's own hue;
My windowpanes are stained in sync with nature's cues.

Inevitably, rigid minds will seek to woo,
Inflexible, yet pressuring to heed their cue.

At worst of times, outbursts of hatred will ensue;
Deadly irrationality requires no cue.

I, myself, have memories I'd perhaps undo
If not were vital lessons learned from shameful cues!

Each waking minute of your life brings novel news!
You hold the fountain pen of life: inscribe wise cues!

Some, wiser still, can offer preemptive reviews;
Accept, bearing in mind they've endured their own cues.

This artist's quest: to scour the alphabet for clues;
I've not yet found the letter “K," though many “Q"s...


Kevin Frederick Smith has been writing poetry since he was 10 years old. His poems have appeared in twelve prior anthologies, including collections by Writing Knights Press, The Poet's Haven, and several editions of the Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology. His first chapbook, Smorgasbord, was published in 2013 by Writing Knights Press. Upon overhearing a description of Ghazal poetry during the 2015 Heights Music Hop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Kevin became intrigued and soon vowed to compose his own.