Possum Homage

White light low from the forest comes, nomadic life, O possum.
An omnivorous search for everything food, sporadic life, O possum.                                                      
Marsupial supreme master mistress of margins in motion
teaspoon babies in tow, an urban or villatic life, O possum.
Great horned owls, Chevrolets, the predators and dangers
boggle the mind, trials of traumatic life, O possum.
Often misunderstood, playing dead last resort in an effort
to be left alone to pursue schematic life, O possum.

Clicks, hisses, growls, mating and fear, and in silences Lin
will note deep respect for crepuscular chromatic life, O possum!


Linda Umans enjoyed a long teaching career in the public schools of New York City where she lives, studies, writes. Recent publications include poems in The Broome Street Review, DIALOGIST, Journal of Applied Poetics, Spillway, Composite {Arts Magazine}, Spiral Orb, Ladowich, Cactus Heart, Carbon Culture, The Ghazal Page, and pieces in Mr. Beller's Neighborhood.