Dreams Ghazal

You stretched out your hand to hair in your dreams,
walked with me along balmy paths in your dreams.

I almost reached out , almost touchedsoft temple ,
walked that maggot infested garden in your dreams.

I smiled at your carefully crafted jokes, you rambling
words cleaned incheap white vinegar in your dreams.

I didn’t stand, stranded at the bus top, kiss that
man with stale pickled sandwich in your dreams.

We almost walked on mountains, almost found water
in some old almost messed up cacti in my dream


lind Grant-Oyeye , an award winning poet was born in Nigeria , Africa . She has published work in several international literary magazines such as: Sentinnel, UK, E-fiction India,Blue Bonnet USA, Periphery, USA, Paper wasp, Australia, Sub-saharan Magazine. Her poem bear necessities formed part of an anthology of top poems , 2015- Polar bear expressions Canada. She contributed to the University of Birmingham sponsored project on the cultural aspect of the Greek economic crisis project via poetry.She recentlywon theUHRSN international human rights poetry award for her poem "m-moments ".