over the rocks the river froths in the sunlight
gloves of ice on the tree roots gleam in the sunlight

she walks the winding path, dissolves into dark woods
water mocassins wind the stream in the sunlight

juncoes scratch and peck through the flood's leafy debris
overhead hawks' cries rise like steam in the sunlight

small cupped waves rush away the broken sun and sky
a swirling cloud of gnats teeming in the sunlight

Where to Richard?  A darkening moonlit path,
or a torrent, a laughing seam in the sunlight?


Richard Krawiec has published three books of poems, most recently Women Who Loved me Despite.   His work appears in dozens of literary magazines, including New Orleans Review, Drunken Boat, Shenandoah, sou’wester, Dublin Review, Chautauqua Literary Journal, Spillway, North Dakota Quarterly, Blue Fifth Review,  etc.  He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year by two magazines.  In addition to poetry, he has published 2 novels, Time Sharing and Faith in What?, a story collection, And Fools of God, and 4 plays. His Creative Non-Fiction is shared now primarily through his Facebook blog. He has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the NC Arts Council(twice), and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He teaches online courses for UNC Chapel Hill, for which he won their Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009. He is founder of Jacar Press, a Community Active publishing company. He has worked extensively with people in homeless shelters, women's shelters, prisons, literacy classes, and community sites, teaching writing.