Come my dear let us live till the candle burns.
It is enough if we live till the candle burns.

Between us who will heal the wound of past ?
If each other we could forgive till the candle burns !

I once hit that crazy Majnun with a stone.
“You will be next if you live till the candle burns”

The moth burnt both his wings for her love.
Now she melts ! But will he live till the candle burns ?

Open the door o holy Saint for God’s sake
Let me weep these tears few till the candle burns.

“Set me free !” begged Rumi to Shams Tabriz.
“Here my dear drink this brew till the candle burns.”

Shabir why do the demons of your memories haunt
They are the shadows that will live till the candle burns.



So afraid I am on this faithless night
So alone I am on this moonless night

How will I sleep pray tell me !
What will I count on this starless night ?

My luck was spent at your door
Will your door open on this luckless night ?

I roam the streets in a frenzy
Chasing my dreams on this sleepless night

The breeze has blown poor Hero’s lamp
Would Leander swim on this heartless night !

Like an orphan I am left
To rue my loss on this hopeless night

Would I now die a martyr ?
I lit a lamp on this endless night.

I need a drink before I die
Who could I trust on this friendless night ?

I am so tired of your rules
Let me be me on this careless night

A fool you are O Shabir !
To pray for sins on this pitiless night.


Dr Shabir Ahmad Mir, born and bought up in Village gudoora of District Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, India. passionate about writing both in verse and prose, besides being passionate about calligraphy. his poems have been published in various online and print anthologies like readomania, rhymes and roses.