Riding at Full Throttle

the faster you love the faster you go at full throttle
the faster you burn the harder you fall at full throttle

to be born is to scour every path and challenge every wind
to be born is to scream two wheels to the sky at full throttle

love kindles between the thighs from a taste of heat and air
love hurtles between death and agony, one gust away at full throttle

sparks trace a twisted thin line headlong from havoc to Hell
sparks race through wracked and broken ruins at full throttle

slow poison crawls within all that lacks direction and motion
slow poison grows in the blood when the fire is not full throttle

your love is hot with the sudden savor of sweat and speed and steel
your love too hard to forget, too fast to capture at full throttle

to move on is to escape, to burn tracks along the wild hard asphalt
to move on is to scrape the turns as Heaven wails at full throttle


ALEXANDER TOKAREV discovered the Ghazal form through one of his favorite ex-girlfriends.  He is better at reading poetry than writing it and doesn't know three words of Russian.