Spring Ghazal

The best way to clean a record is to play it.
The best way to clean a needle is to think of diamonds.

Pear blossoms: little suds.
The wind cleans with them, soap flakes in the breeze.

Her clean trim skirt, the clean pale fence,
The lines of the shadows on the sidewalk like bluing.

Mule Team Borax and sulfate, ammonia and vinegar.
Santorini rooftops, birches, bleached shells.

The best way to clean a song is to sing it.
The best way to clean a note is to think of skylarks.
From wrinkled hands up to the elbows in clay.

Jeanine Webb is a poet, artist and PhD candidate in Literature at UC San Diego. Her research focuses on poetry and poetics in relation to radical politics. Her poetry has been published in many journals, including Lana Turner, ARMED CELL, The Capilano Review, The Antioch Review, SPECTRUM, ZYZZYVA and in the collaborative poetry pamphlet Poetry is Not Enough. Her essays have been published on ON Contemporary Practice's .pdf Archive Series, Steve Evans's Attention Span and on The Poetic Labor Project. Some current or forthcoming book projects include the San Diego Writers' Anthology A Year In Ink Vol.3(2010), the Now That's What I Call Poetry Anthology (2016),The Alette in Oakland Reader (Bay Area Public School/Hearts Desire, 2016) and Occupy Poetics (Essay Press, 2015). When she can afford to, she publishes the bilingual, cartonera-style handmade journal, TACOCAT.