Nemesis, A Ghazal

Would you for real believe that my name is nemesis
For all my notoriety in the by lanes, see my fame is nemesis.

You shall reap, what you sow, is an age old parable
You read, memorized, so what; in real my game is nemesis.

There are a thousand and one ways, how I bounce back
You’ve marched on, burnt bridges, thought, why? Lame is nemesis?

Thus, wild and free, unbridled, rash, ravenous, rough and rude
Somehow you mistook me gullible, shy, tame is nemesis

Your own deeds you praised, sang, eulogized, Ah! mine you reproached
The laurels you reap is your reward, then why blame is nemesis?

The paths are same, ways crisscrossing, orbits intertwining all around
Yours deeds deserve pride they say, why my shame is nemesis?

Let’s settle it once for all, Zahid, pack the bags and leave
The wins could be all yours, only my claim is nemesis


My first collection of poems The Pheromone Trail, (2013) is published by Cyberwit. I presented poetry at Guntur International Poetry Festival 2012, and Hyderabad Literary Festivals (2010, 2013). I feature in TIMESCAPES a collection of poems by 22 Indian poets by Unisun Publications and Reliance Timeout.

My poetry has appeared in peer reviewed journals The Four Quarters Magazine and Maulana Azad Journal of English Language & Literature of MANUU Hyderabad and also in Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts as a poet and photographer. I am a contributing editor for Muse India a literary e journal.

My poetry and translations from Kashmiri and Urdu feature in Sheeraza, a Journal from Academy of Art Culture and Languages, Srinagar, Kashmir. Love for Ghazals is inspired by Agha Shahid Ali, the great Kashmiri American Poet.