Feverish in Delhi in 2010—A Ghazal

Many reasons to break appointments, feverish,
They rise and fall, the moon's crescents, feverish.

Culture and art galore in our capital,
Delhi dengue from coolers and vents, feverish.

Swank stadia, planters, and sure security,
When on the roads plenty of dents, feverish.

Commonwealth bonhomie, Hiltons and Taj, five-stars,
Hospitals will hold four per berth, feverish.

Youth frenzies for travel, for fun and for outdoors.
Let's go to Triund, spend a night in tents, feverish.

The cosmic is born here in juristic purviews,
New and old legal entities ferment feverish.

Get the energy and desire to challenge verdicts,
Often harmony and peace prevent (the) feverish.

Standards of clothing, set by God, Sangh, and France,
More than costume, the men are rent feverish.

The Red man, they say, will be free of all the binds,
Why to that faith, Maaz, not be lent feverish?


Maaz Bin Bilal is a poet, translator, writer, and academic. He particularly loves the Ghazal form both in Urdu and English and writes and translates into the latter. He earned his PhD in English from Queen's University Belfast in 2015 and now teaches literature as Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, Sonipat, India.