Should I leave and celebrate this yearned rain
Upon the mowed surface which bawled for rain

Where it shapes crag and tale ,this much spell
A fresh life where oppositions frail in this rain

Mostly they say it ,a close to rims and fractures
Of this soil which is black , as if it never had rain

Behind my corner window from eeves it reflects
The continuous threads that toss , on the lane

O'Zaieem don't let your window shut,sleep deep
Tonight is yours,fifty evenings passed with no rain.


Something is there which I call your love
It is what,which make trips in my blood.

Let the fragrance of this love cherish me
What if the incense fades from my blood

A drop will stain my epitheluim and keep
Veins would be bawling for dried up blood

Until my last breath stiffs in quick wails
And let me inundate in a scourging flood.

Once your aroma of words would clean me
My tawny heart was filled with cold blood.

O' Zaieem you are now in air of jilted aroma
Go to ghazals and energerise your blood.


Zaieem Ahmad is a young poet from Kashmir ,India. Born in1996 he spent his most life there and in June 2015 his mother left him ,where from he landed his feet to the world of poetry. He poems have been published by Ashvamegh, MuseIndia journals also. His favorite Ghazal writer is Agha Shahid Ali to whom he has also wrote a poem wherein he remembers the great poet.