Come come who will pour me a cup of love
Come come have some pity- a cup of love

Hang him ! how dare he sell this hope to us !
Who cries in this city, “ a cup of love”

‘Who is the lover and who beloved ?’
In whose hand do you see a cup of love !

Tell him who bore the burden of a cross
Heavier is to carry a cup of love

Nothing of me you will find left behind
With me if you bury a cup of love.

Condemned, reviled, deplored and then exiled
All I said was only a cup of love !

Bitter as hemlock or sweet as honey
Who cares, as long as it be a cup of love.


Dr Shabir Ahmad Mir, born and bought up in Village gudoora of District Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, India. passionate about writing both in verse and prose, besides being passionate about calligraphy. his poems have been published in various online and print anthologies like readomania, rhymes and roses.

When you celebrate dear your first embrace
Drink for my misery a cup of love.