Not-fitting-in was the story of Josephine’s life, strange as it may seem.
In the primal beginning she was given this role, strange as it may seem.

If Josephine did not exist then God’s infinite nature would be in doubt,
For His nature must include every kind of soul, strange as it may seem.

As a child Josephine offered her life each day to serve and please God,
Then went about her tasks, confident and bold, strange as it may seem.

She felt at ease with the poor, the sick, and those living on the street
Like lost sheep they wandered into her fold, strange as it may seem.

To them she was St Josephine the patron saint of those who don’t fit in.
She was a shelter where love was given not sold, strange as it may seem.

One year a festival of charity was held in the village where she was born
Now hundreds of pilgrims come as their life’s goal, strange as it may seem.

Dear Josephine for all of us who don’t fit in your life speaks an eternal truth:
When true to yourself then truth itself can unfold, strange as it may seem.


Ross Keating is a lecturer in Education at Australian Catholic University, Sydney. He has written the biography of the Australian poet, Francis Brabazon, who wrote two book of English ghazals, In Dust I Sing and The Beloved is All in All. Keating's biography is entitled, Francis Brabazon Poet of the Silent Word and his first book of published poems A First Act. This ghazal, "Josephine" is taken from A First Act.