I’m silent as she rows away
My life, it simply flows away

Layers of lies engulfing you
Will you let me lift your clothes away?

Father why won’t you play? I’m too
Deformed since you stole my nose away?

I know you’ll never love me sweet
Yet I can’t keep these Os away

I don't want to lose you, I wish I could own you
Take to the bank and close away

You're all my verse, don't be my cage
Don't make me throw my prose away

I kiss only you as we embark
A ghost of her stows away

I don’t want to be sad—The Defender Of Men
Is wise, ask him if he knows a way


Alex McKeown is a Tasmanian poet and translator whose work has appeared in Right Hand Pointing, The Society of Classical Poets, Snorkel, Seven By Twenty, and others.