Life in the E.R.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” Dr. Seuss

Most of the day and half the long night, I spent with my wife in the E.R.;
touching and clutching, and fearing to lose the best part of my life in the E.R.

It struck me there, as she was stretchered along, curled the flesh that lives nearest my heart;
suddenly knowledge of what I might lose flashed and cut like a knife in the E.R.

And if this be freedom, then freedom’s a terrible thing to come hard up against;
the truth, I discover, is none of us has any right to a life in the E.R.

Not growing, diminished, we joined all the stretchers run down through wide, right-angled halls;
if death is life’s business, then business is good, maybe I should say “rife,” in the E.R.

Please, doctors, agree that there’s nothing much wrong or, at least, that it’s easily healed;
and, yet, what hurts most is clawed hope, not despair, in their treacherous strife in the E.R.

While women live on after their change-of-life, they simply can not have more children;
Bill, that’s how you learned a real threat to your wife brings on male change-of-life in the E.R.


William Dennis has been writing ghazal for more than a decade and a half. His ghzal have also appeared in Contemporary Ghazals. William Dennis Web site: http://http://lastresortpublications.weebly.com/