Going Places

I bend beneath the heavy quiver of my heart to loose the arrow's flight of mind.
Without the field constraints of physics, where will the arrow pin the flight of mind?

Roaming in a memory palace isn't filing pixelated bytes of mind.
All roads leave and return there like a runway hub docking the flighty mind.

The Aleutians link with Hawaii blending with Italy that boots New Zealand in the packed-tight mind.
Salmon, lemon, and kiwi dress a bento box for the dinner rite in mind.

Navigating global flight routes, train lines, highways, roads and paths can right the mind.
A cruise of constellations steers through shark-infested waters of the night mind.

An arrow tailspin may newly wound, quickly losing altitude from the height of mind.
I cradle on a helmet to protect the root system of a rambling white orchid mind.

Lurking, anyone can troll or take from a cyber warehouse stocked with blight of mind,
learning more in a flash than on sabbatical before emergence of this might of mind.

Spacetime:  a cosmic fabric with furling weft and woof but no hand.   Try it, Mind!
How compare it with the look and feel of a woven tapestry that delights the mind?

Alas the refugee whose desolation goes beyond an armchair plight of mind:
how to get somewhere safe away from home, now a fright thoroughly mined.

From helmet, quiver, bow, and other gear, do not divide the knight who always minds:
where is the shuttle to an alternate universe at the next street light of the mind?


Suzanne Niedzielska is a sometime professor of philosophy, retired IT ghazals resides in The Ghazal Page.
She regularly publishes haiku in the New England Letters and other venues.  Chapbooks include
"peach-hued: a collection of haiku and other short forms" (2014); "Black Tie & Tales" (2007), a formalist collection,
including several sport sonnets on swimming, skiing, with "Snowshoeing" published in the Connecticut River Review (2010).