Ghazal ( Places)

There where my beloved lives take me there
There where my heart dwells take me there

No further the horizon you graced I look
Tired limbs, teary eyes yearn to be there

Cut apart and toss me to the birds of prey
My love dwells far, what purpose of me here

Path to loved one's abode lies un-trodden
Beloved's longing amiss, what use is ye bier

A cur at your threshold Rana lies besotted
Digresses not, looks be dagger words be spear

~copyright, Gurpreet Singh Rana, 29 August 2016.

Gurpreet Singh Rana hails from the culturally rich city of Amritsar, Punjab.
An entrepreneur by profession and a poet/writer at heart, his endeavor is to write meaningful poetry.
He writes in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.  His work finds place in various magazines like Kaksaad,
Parinde and many more. Online publishing sites like,,, feature his work. His poetry has also featured in two anthologies,
‘The Colors of Refuge” and “Anthology of poems on World Refugee day 2016”.He strives to write poetry
which will benefit the society and the world as a whole.