I close my eyes and try to look for you.
I knock at every door and ask for you.

I once had a friend behind that glass wall.
Now the mirror smirks and says, “Who are you?”

Pain is an old friend, we meet now and then,
He hugs me and I ask him, “How are you?”

“Your cup is shallow, it can hold no more.”
“Here let me weep to empty it for you.”

Now that the bonfire of my books is lit,1
My cleverness on its pyre; where are you?

A thousand nights and then you shall have it,
Till then, my heart, the moon will break for you.

Hope ends here. Now starts the town of despair.
Town after town I walk, how far are you !

“Rush through the mirror and fall into my arms.”2
I jumped and then found neither me nor you !

The pillars of faith are crumbling tonight-
The sky will fall on either me or you.



  1. When Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi(r.a) met his master Shamz Tabrizi(r.a), his books were burnt. There are many purported versions of this incident, as per one Shams Tabrizi(r.a) waved his hand and the books burned. The burning was symbolic of the destruction of bookish and pedantic knowledge of Moulana Rumi(r.a) so that he may be able to receive divine knowledge.

  2. Upstairs, the window, too, is a mirror; if I jump through it I will fall into my arms.” (Return to Harmony 3; Agha Shahid Ali)


Dr Shabir Ahmad Mir, born and bought up in Village gudoora of DistrictPulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, India. passionate about writing both in verseand prose, besides being passionate about calligraphy. his poems have beenpublished in various online and print anthologies like readomania, rhymesand roses.