By   Chance

                                    Wearing a pensive look, she met me by chance

                                    I instantly fell in love with her by chance

                                    But love was returned with utmost indifference

                                    My sensitive heart got wounded by chance

                                    One failure after the other makes you depressed

                                    Then all of a sudden success crowns you by chance

                                    People are not that lucky to get love in life

                                    But the crowning glory for a child occurs by chance

                                    Wealth and education are difficult to obtain

                                    One hits a jackpot simply by chance.

                                    Sincere friendship is like a flower of ice

                                    One is blessed with this divine gift by chance

                                    Patience , hard work and perseverance

                                    Can catapult you to your goal only by chance.


Educated at the universities in the UK and the USA, Professor Sagar malGupta has forty-six years experience of teaching English in India andabroad. Now he is leading a retired life in Jaipur and spends his timewriting poetry in English, Hindi and Urdu. His poems have been published in The Muse India (2016), Literaria Linguistica, IJES (2016). and IJELLS (2015). His email ID is