Jonel Abellanosa

Lovers in a Mural

First published in Immix: A Journal for Justice

We sit on the pavement earthen with spots of brown,

Above us copper red faces, everlasting.


Why are we under this full moon stained with neon?

Here, hundreds of red-stained faces, everlasting.


Your gaze shaded with resignation’s deep chestnut,

Chants sounding drab, angry faces everlasting.


If only I know what to say, what words to gray.

Fists in the air, hued as faces – everlasting.


The subdued explanation white as speechlessness,

White in some long faces that are everlasting.


In a distance is the bridge like the City’s brow:

Beyond, there won’t be faces as everlasting.


Separation offers a darker raspberry

Like the time’s spirit in faces – everlasting.


Absence is how we live in each other’s silence

In subliminal shouts, faces everlasting.


We’re condemned as the eternally out of place.

Protests go on and on, faces everlasting



Jonel Abellanosa resides in Cebu City, the Philippines.  His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including, The Peacock Journal, Rattle, Anglican Theological Review, Poetry Kanto, Spirit Fire Review, Carbon Culture Review, The McNeese Review, Pedestal Magazine, GNU Journal and Bangalore Review.  He has two chapbooks, “Pictures of the Floating World” (Kind of a Hurricane Press) and “The Freeflowing All” (Black Poppy Review).