Tamal Kundu

The Beast

The harshest lessons of the past teach—you need the beast.
The wilderness of future tells you to feed the beast.
Renounce the shackles pulling you down into the mud.
Be as the mud and thrive, embracing the greed, the beast.
Because the nature of this world is contempt, inspire,
and revel in that fervid pit, they screech, "Bleed the beast."
Granted, it's a lonely road of blood and oozing wounds.
Life begins and ends in desolation, speed the beast.
That piece of earth you have sweat on, is yours to lay claim.
Morality is contribution, don't cede the beast.
When love does come, remember not to squander the choice.  
Rise in magnificence with one of your breed, the beast.
Fate may give comfort to those who seek, opines Tashir.
For harbingers of progress, self is the creed, the beast. 


The Revealed Myth
Lost in the desert at night a maze of stairs reveals the myth.
Neon sign, beside a paan-red smile, pairs—revealing the myth.
Clotho has ringlets, Lachesis slanted eyes, Aisa laugh lines,
weaving tapestry of rapturous affairs, reveal the myth.
Who plays the distant sarangi? Who pours the quenching nectar?
Falling into stride behind Inanna's heirs reveals the myth.
Those intimate moments trace the tangible warmth on her skin.
In proud destitution a desire she wears: reveals the myth.
Sand trickles through his anxious fingers, the mirage disappears.
At dawn fugitive memories Tashir bears. The revealed myth.


I live in Kolkata, India. My days demand working as a media personal at a daily newspaper, my nights inspire poetry.