Ruth Asch

Seeking Freedom  

Small child tearing at her clothes, by gloves and scarves confined,
her dreams are all of flying, like birds, so unconfined.

Quiet girl upon the window-sill: those rooftops and the sky
a path she cannot access, adventure for to find.  

The odd-one-out, defiant; determined to be free
to choose; for self-existence by contrast seems defined.

Young woman entering the wide, wide world, at last her own;  
By Prudence and Necessity, arrested, prisoned, fined.

True lover drunk with passion, sensations wild and new -
by love and sensitivity chastened, deepened, refined.

A mother: her creations a chance to start anew
at knee level, in chaos, dirt and nonsense now confined.

Shy artist, in the jungles and dark caves, the seas of mind
despondent exploration: is there new land to find?

Should I break all the barriers, what would it bring to me?
the pain of humans broken; an ego unconfined.

Now grave philosopher: and can we do whate'er we will?  
how much our past, how much our soul, how is freedom defined?

The Laws of Nature hold us, hurt us; help us learn and grow -   
a great spring of potential, creation unrefined.

Anarchy: no-one surpressed, no wrongs no rights to rule:  
brings savagery, then desperate people beg to be confined.

If freedom of the spirit still exists, it dances where  
women and men have liberty, restrained by hearts affined.


Ruth Asch is a poet, with one volume 'Reflections' to her name, and many poems published in literary journals, in print and online, among which recently Rose Red Review, Peacock Journal, Mediterranean Poetry and The Classical Poets Society. She loves to write, create and translate in many different forms.