Shabir Ahmad Mir


Senseless; I stand before the nubility of night.
A thought... And I destroy the tranquility of night !

Dawn breaks before I get used to the dark:
Deus ex machina ! Or just the cruelty of night ?

I close my eyes and you shine so bright.
Alas how I pity the fragility of night !

'Tonight the stars will burst into a thousand dreams.'
In expectant eyes, I have seen the sterility of night.

Run- how much you can; how far you can.
It will always find you- Oh this fatality of night !

Now an amavasya!… Now a purnima !
Will we be ever done with this frivolity of night !

They are far far away- these stars in the sky
You can never reach them. THAT'S THE REALITY OF NIGHT.

'Tonight, let us break the moon with our fists.
Tonight, let us shatter the surreality of night.



Enough ! Let us drop the pretense for once.
Hate me. And let me love you hence, for once.

Saki pour a cup, nobody is looking,
Let us forget the repentance for once.

Perchance the ink of my fate is still wet
Step over, let's have some suspense for once.

I know it costs too much to be in love
Indulge me, please spare no expense for once.

The debts of past, the bills of future ; hang them !
Only you : let nothing else make sense for once.

A mouthful of stars, a half-eaten moon-
Son of night, accept your inheritance for once.

"What rubbish is this ! Who writes such trash ?"
Ah! My words lost their impotence for once.


Shabir Ahmad Mir from Gudoora, Pulwama Kashmir; gets bored every now and then. And out of this boredom he scribbles- sometimes in prose and sometimes in verse; and occasionally in ink as well-blue and black only. Earlier he used to scribble on loose paper leaves of his class-notes (he sometimes imagines that they were fallen leaves of a forgotten tree) but now he mostly scribbles on his Facebook wall...


Occasionally someone drops in to read.