Ross Keating

The Voices of the Stars

The voices of the stars shouting for joy was the first song in the beginning.
The song still nestled in my heart is a note from that song in the beginning.

A description of things in space is like the depiction of any of Homer’s gods.
Both are attempts to explain experience but Reality is beyond in-the-beginning.

Job had his feeble thoughts flung from him like dust out of a hard beaten pillow.
“Where were you Job,” God demanded, “were you tagging along in the beginning?”

The black holes in space are filtering plants for dead words that have no life.
Living words are words of praise that like the stars sound strong in the beginning.

It wasn’t some myth the mandali told but of the divine fragrance of Your Presence:
Around His smile stars circled like a heavenly throng in the beginning.

Nothing gets past the eyes of the stars; they stay awake and secretly sing.
They know of Your comings and goings since they first shone in the beginning.

The clouds have cleared tonight; the stars shine like candles on Your birthday cake.
In the dark of my heart Your name begins to sing like a song in the beginning.


Ross Keatinghas written the biography of the Australian poet, Francis Brabazon, who wrote two book of English ghazals, In Dust I Sing and The Beloved is All in All. Keating's biography is entitled, Francis Brabazon Poet of the Silent Word. He has also has published a book of his own poems A First Act.