Tracy Fiebiger

Friends - The Faithful and the Faithless


Five friends airing out by the sea

survivors of life’s debauchery

four friends have faith and then

there’s me


The little dog darted out the door barking

and frantically circled the house three times

when her aunt died. Pets know when souls go;

news to me.


Her cancer returned, chemo & mastectomy,

her husband was murdered by step family,

her solid faith in friends and humor gives

strength to me.


Wine glass in hand and chairs pointed west,

How can you see the sun sink into the sea

and still not believe! Was that comment

meant for me?


Her son used the antibiotic picc line

to shoot heroin, now he’s in restraints

she prays for his recovery and she

prays for me.


Sometimes I pray just incase the

energy makes its way to a focused

place, someone’s wrong, it could

be me.


Divorced for three years after his

infidelity, she married him again,

she knows he loves her, can love

know me?


While teaching a class she feels

his spirit pass right through her

at the coroners time of death, so

she told me


There’s no way his old rusty truck

could drive that fast, God warped

time to save his infant son, too

fast for me



Five comical wrecks with little damage -

she wails indignantly, how can I not believe

when He obviously keeps looking

out for me!


I’ve lived quietly amongst the many

awkwardly abstained from communion,

envied their confidence, the Bible

belt and me




Dastardly Daydreams


The beginning wasn’t paradise,

Life burst forth from fluid pain

Young mother’s cast aside doubt

Pursuing the providence of faith


A belief in oneself, or another

Supreme or mundane a choice

Of constant courage, watching

The terror, sitting still with faith


It did not come from the altar,

No star to follow or fear

Necessity creates circumstance

Within the palisades of faith


Crowd control, pacify the poor

And feeble with eternal promise

Injustice forgiven by the righteous

Woe the need of deep seeded faith


He said I alone was his soul mate

His lantern in the dark, no greater

Aphrodisiac, innocence betrayed

All light dimmed and I lost faith


Yet, sometimes I believe without

The worries of reason within feeling

Wrapped in his arms safely entangled

Within the perfect dream of his faith


I’ve worshiped without the vocabulary

Touched soft whispers in the wisteria

Splendid shelter where rivers once flowed

Waldeinsamkeit, token forest of my faith


Dialogue between merging meanings

Skeptic and true receiver unite unfurled

The half sister of doubt, forlorn mirror

Of joy, the far, fair, fringe of renewed faith


Tracy Fiebiger is a third generation artist, as well as a writer, and avid nature, music, and travel enthusiast. She lives with her husband and two English Springer Spaniels in a private wooded paradise in Georgia. Formerly an esteemed art educator, she recently threw away the alarm clock and now follows her own agenda. Tracy is currently engaged in a three year experiment of clarity, relative renunciation, and reconnection. She also enjoys reading poetry that slips into her soul and hanging out with the friends, fauna, flora and family that are constantly refining if not defining who she is.