Alice Sanford

Advice (To Be Taken) on Faith
Hot and blistered from the uphill mountain hike, my husband doesn’t
Hesitate to cool his body and quench his thirst in this cascading water fall.
When I was young and could not swim, my mother called me from the deep,    
And coaxed me to the water, saying,” Jump! I’ll catch you! Don’t be afraid to fall.”
Let seasons withstand change, as cherry trees, shaken by wind, stand rooted.
Asphalt streets swirl with gusts of petals, a covering soft as snowflake-fall.
Walking on water seems miraculous to those who watch. Oh, traveler, learn  
The placement of each mossy rock.  Plant each foot firm on stone, so you’ll not fall.  
Learn this poem, some verses from the Psalms, and, in the dark, repeat each one.
Their sounds (Are you listening?) will keep you safe from nightmares and whatever pains befall.

Alice Sanford writes in Nashville, Tennessee. Her poetry has appeared in The Santa Barbara Review and Art/Life Magazine.