Upasana Sarma

Indistinctly Yours

The first word I was taught [to be], taught by you, mother
With no other intention, I called you mother

When the candles blew fifteen nights unto darkness, I cradled
the telephone in my dreams and slept next to you, mother

Right hook, left jab tasting rust and dew, you thought WWE?
Once you pushed rage off the table and onto my nooks, mother

Father [flinching]: only math sums broker geometric wounds;
I hid behind warms legs inside a sieve so blue, mother

Closeted syrup-summer, lemonade and cucumber. Frolic with
Barbie in anticipation. No other news [we're through?] mother.

Disappearing act of a patriarch - what is a fa-ther? He who was
loved because he left; stayed - [how could] you, cruel mother

Wearing your garb now I spit fire, kerosene in the living room
I burn a marriage like you raised a child. God, I too am [!] mother.

The women made a woman,
            worshipped a woman
                            irrevocably out of your mother
Umbilical cord around my
            breasts, mark of woman
                           beast untrue, undo me now mother


Upasana Sarma is a student of Sociology (for the most part). Occasionally, she is driven to great and furiously short bursts of activity that sometimes, somehow result in writing.