Michelle Waering

Like A Child

I took short steps towards bright things I espied as a child.
Parental injunction: "Don't wander!" Hopeless, I sighed as a child.

Books. Captured me, freed me.
I was always occupied as a child.

Those days when wings opened, dreams of flying
through blossoms, through clouds wide-eyed like a child.

Gentle air on your skin, light light-fingered,
a cannot-linger place in which to abide like a child.

Then of course, Michele, there is the Perfect Word,
The Beautiful One who cannot be quantified, like a Child.


Michele Waering spent her early years in the United States. She has an MLitt in Creative Writing from The University of Glasgow. Her work has been published in From Glasgow to Saturn; A Thousand Cranes: Scottish Poets for Japan; Envoi; The Interpreter,s House; Red River Review; World Haiku Review and The Ghazal Page. She lives in Renfrewshire, Scotland.