Tracy Fiebiger

Lessons From Anila

Soft brush of trade winds blown straight from Sri Lanka
Recirculating reckless winds turn the wheel of samsara

Ignorance, volitional action, and consciousness interconnect
Yet, destroy any link in the chain and stop the cycle of karma

Psycho physical complex, six senses, and contact are linked
Recalculate the movement of air until the lotus belches nirvana

Feeling, craving, grasping, birth, death, and decay all rotate
Twelve links spin so very fast they appear as one, said Buddha
Karma the link between the last life and the next wheel spin
Rebirth the gift of ignorance, where reason results in karma

Excessive winds spin causation’s wheel, pants the Vatakopa  
Lust counts five caught things as one, oh my panchaskandaya

Form, perception, feelings, formed ideas, and consciousness
Changeable as wind this collection of I, my panchaskandaya

Passed down through favorable winds of good dhamma friends
Anukulavata carried the dhamma from he who was Siddhartha

Third eyes kept to themselves retold in the Kevatta Sutta
Why fly against the wind dear Monk Maha Moggallana?

Focus on your breath, count, it seems simple but it is not
Moggallana tragically mastered magic meditating Samatha

Fresh breath removes craving, aggression, lethargy, and worry
Tame your mind of defilements before attempting Vipassana

Wild winds devour peace where impulsivity and suspicion reside
Vipassana meditation brought wisdom to dear Monk Sariputra

Within wind, phlegm, and bile four truths cannot for long hide
Once free from I, my, and me, consciousness releases to nirvana

Tracy Fiebiger is an Art Educator and perpetual student of what is usually not overly practical; yet, highly useful in ways that remain invisible.