Shirley Glubka

How Difficult, How Beautiful

How difficult for a human to catch the pressed essence of event-driven years—

as if a determined wind took time and passed it through a sieve in the years.

Time drips like rain through the old colander abandoned in the wild backyard.

Time washes itself in the muddy puddles, no attention given for years.

Walk across the road and see yourself in the ditch after the great wild storm.

Gaze at the dark water there, storm water, to see yourself, shriven by years.

Where might the leaves go if they agreed to be carried for eons?

Where, if they assented, stayed with one wind, lived-in, for years?

See the sun on the river running blue under wide windy sky—

lean forward and see: how beautiful is the poet who has striven for years.

Shirley Glubka is the author of The Bright Logic of Wilma Schuh: a novel (published in the spring of 2017) as well as Return to a Meadow: a novel; and All the Difference: poems of unconventional motherhood; and End into Opening: six sestinas and their humble companion poems; and Echoes and Links: poems; and Green Surprise of Passion: Writings of a Trauma Therapist.

Shirley's poetry and prose have appeared in such places as The Ghazal Page2River View; Conditions; Feminist Studies; h.o.m.e. Words; Narramissic Notebook; Puckerbrush Review; Seems; Sinister Wisdom; Sun Dog (The Southeast Review); Tipton Poetry Journal; Lesbians at Mid-life: the Creative TransitionMothers Who Leave: the myth of women without their children; Women in Culture: a Women's Studies Anthology; and, under the name Shirley Starkweather, Naming: poems by 8 women.

Shirley is a retired psychotherapist living in Prospect, Maine with her spouse, Virginia Holmes. Website: