Nancy Rullo

Hurricane Ghazal

Tropical storms head north. Beat themselves to death.
Dry days end. Words whirl out of dusty corners.  

Last summer’s sand in the leaves of my notebook!
Pages blow around like raindrops in the storm.

From drip to trickle to gush to waterfall,
Undulating billows against my window.

In the lamp’s glow we are cordial, kind, friendly.
All of the rage is outdoors. We can watch it.

Birds fly safely within the hurricane’s eye.
They see a blue sky above, damage below.

Eating soup.  Something we do well together.
I barely notice your slurp; you, my dribble.

As pale daylight blackens like a tunnel
A wet window reflects a funhouse image.

Our original intentions are lost but they ripple through the room.
I notice the folds and tears on old photos.


NANCY RULLO has taught creative writing at Ulster County Community College, privately to adults and teenagers in Woodstock, NY, and at theHudson Valley Writer’s Guild.  A former member of the poetry performance groups, The Bardettes, and the “all right girls!” she appeared in venues from Massachussetts to the Carolinas. She was also a featured reader at the Woodstock Poetry Festival and with Goat Hill Poets at the Woodstock Fringe Festival. Poems have been published in Aurorean, Reflect, Blueline, HalfMoon Review,  Dream International Quarterly, Tertulia, Chronogram and Prima Materia. A member of the Woodstock, NY, Haiku-kai, her poems have been published in venues from Japan to England. A poetic and visual collaboration with Gay Leonhardt, “The Odd God: an introduction,” was presented at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Returning to writing after 12 years is an exciting venture for her.