Adam Reynolds



In air full of darkness on a rooftop over southern life

one night in time I want to hear the story of your life


a guitar begins a thousand roads, a journey no one knows

where maps won’t reach, what no one sees, unspoken life


like a horse unchained the guitar travels on far trails

awake in the night and winding its way higher into life


some sort of music exists in the night, something tries 

to wake in the world, a forgotten feeling kisses my life


beautiful sister, come and tell me, the day before dawn

without words, through your eyes, the story of your life    







I want us to become like black perfume in thick night

a substance that cannot be unpicked on a sacred night


it’s leaving you anyway said the waves along the shore

as my body relaxed into the motion of the tidal night


you’ll never leave it anyway said the clouds as I laid

in the sand and closed my eyes within summer night


stranger forget the day that clothed itself in a lie

return to the bare truth so close in undressed night


where was I? Dreaming on the pathways without compass

of your eyes that glitter like the unreachable night



Adam Reynolds’ was raised in the UK. His work has been published in Orbis, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Literateur, Borderlines and 10x3. He currently lives and works in the cultural sector within the Middle East.