Sandip Saha


I felt instantly

I aspired to reach your heart with great love,
hoped you would reciprocate with equal love.

A long way we have accompanied each other,
could we really make out how much we love?

You did not come out of your veil to reveal;
A novice, I failed to reach the depth of your love.

I wondered for a very long time to get answer,
but could not find the ways and means of love;

At times I knew how alone you could be without me,
still something or other always hindered our love.

I did not dare to imagine how crooks could treat you
if I would not be around to help you with all my love.

The other day you cried saying, I failed to see
the deep inside of your treasure chest of love.

I felt it at that moment instantly
how I kept shut the door of love!

I knew in a flash how ego came on the way
to feel and enjoy the true pleasure of love.

Now I find only one heart, not two anymore;
neither mine, nor yours, but one made of love.



Sandip is a chemical engineer and doctorate (PhD) in metallurgical engineering by profession. He has retired from service and of 64 years age. His hobby is poetry writing in Bengali and English. He has published two poetry collections one of which, Quest for freedom is available at His poems were published in journals including Taj Mahal, India; The society of classical poets, New York; Oddball magazine, USA and Snapdragon, felan, Better Than Starbucks Poetry magazine, USA.

He is a life member of The Poetry Society (India).

His research work can be seen in the web page,