Sandra Anfang

After the Fire

The Mourning Dove did not sing to me this morning
      its feathers melded with the hue of ash.

The world awakes in white and gray
      its colors smudged by the hue of ash.

The newly homeless circle shelter grounds
    their faces stained with the hue of ash.

Gray flakes rain down upon the cars
    October snow—the hue of ash.

Photos of the fire's revenge
    sepia softened to the hue of ash.

Sandra Anfang is a poet, teacher, and visual artist. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals including Poetalk, San Francisco Peace and Hope, Unbroken, Rattle, and Spillway. Her chapbook, Looking Glass Heart, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016 and a second chapbook, Road Worrier, is forthcoming from the same publisher. Sandra is a California Poet/Teacher in the Schools and host of Rivertown Poets in Petaluma, California. A Sonoma County resident, these two ghazals were inspired by her work as an evacuation shelter volunteer during and immediately after the devastating North Bay fires of October, 2017.