Grey Held

Watching the Fire
Through the rafters, into black empty fire—
sky, a hazardous azure roiled by fire.
The groan of an explosion, fracas
of fractured glass. More fire.
The roof caves in. Tears of smoke zigzag.
My tongue, a salty fire.
Fire in my belly,
gift-wrapped by fire.
Crackle and burn furnish
the thermodynamics of fire.
My parents named me Lloyd. I changed
to Grey: more desire, more fire.

Grey Held has spent 25 years in the corporate world, managing and mentoring teams and coordinating projects. He is a recipient of an NEA Fellowship in Creative Writing. Two books  of his poetry have been published, Two-Star General (Brick Road Poetry Press in 2012)  and Spilled Milk (Word Press in 2013). He works closely with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in Newton, MA to direct projects that connect contemporary poets (and their poetry) with a wider audience. He is also a visual artist whose drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries nationwide.