David Landrum

Fire Like Your Love


Volcano, lava, djinn are like your love.

The burning joy of sin—fire, like your love.


Spark falling on my skin, the sting and burn;

ear-pierced with a hot pin—fire, like your love.


Hot marshmallow fastened on to my leg.

I yell; confusion, din—fire like your love.


Your smile, your laugh, your grin; your words, your song.

We dance, pirouette; we spin—fire like your love.


Dark bedroom, silence, then your voice tells me

You're wanting it again—fire liked your love.


Warm, cozy, we begin, embrace, entwine;

go back to where we've been—fire like your love.


The ecstasy we're in: heat, sweat, and flame.

Our bodies say, Amen—fire like your love.