Waseem A Malla

Candle And Moth: A Consistent Ghazal

Originally published in Moods & Moments 2013


In far away lands I saw its glare,

The candle at which moths do stare;


I sat with my mates to see how:

The moths embrace death? How they dare?


Whence came the sound? ‘Twas the crowd!

Challenging my art in taunt and in jeer;


Confident, I spoke to them of the moths,

The ones who circumambulate the fire;


And I spoke to them of the candle,

To which all those fragile beings cower;


Bonds of life, of death and of love,

I spoke to them of the cotton they share;


They asked why do only moths die so!

Why is that the candle seems not to care?


Little did they watch the fiery beloved,

Lit at the dusk, and at dawn not there!


As it mourns the death of a pilgrim,

Weeping - I saw it - in its eye a tear;


All in vain, moth tried to plant a kiss,

The flames bent a little in utter despair;


By then the moth had become eternal,

Precious was no more the candle's flare;


Love- the dirtiest of the nature's forces,

Knows no warning, knows no scare;


It is in its nature that when pure,

The lover, the beloved- nobody does it spare!


Love absorbed the two & I, the crowd,

August the way, Waseem ended the affair.



Bio: Waseem A Malla is a Junior Research Fellow and Ph. D. scholar at Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly – UP. He is more into Fyodor Dostoevsky, Agha Shahid, Mirza Ghalib and Orhan Pamuk than his textbooks. Over the years, this native of Kashmir’s Radbugh village has successfully created a larger niche in poetry than in laboratory. His poems have featured in many anthologies in India and abroad along with writers of repute.  (as on 31/8/17)