Alison Stone



To wake us, will angels send fire?

Frost believed the world will end by fire.


Tough men can shrivel from loneliness.

Even the strongest metals bend in fire.


Bodies believe in hunger, touch, and time.

Martyrs stir with words, transcend with fire.


Proud Rochester soon will be blind. His

lightning-scorched tree and Jane’s dream portend fire.


The sexy hoodlum’s hips. His wife’s black eye.

Why load a gun you don’t intend to fire?


Scientists try with formulas and charts.

Only mystics can comprehend fire.


Party guests mingle and ogle, drink

pricey wine. Diamonds flash high-end fire.


My husband’s short fuse. My long smolder.

We join our bodies, DNA. Blend fire.


Alison, don’t fight hot flashes. Blow kisses

to the old face in the glass. Befriend fire.