Nichael Cramer

-- Ghazal #7 (show so many things)

I would sing a song that would show so many things
of love, if only we could know so many things.

This spring shower, like the softness that is your hand,
brings with it the warmth that will grow so many things.

We wander through this fall day under the beauty
of the sky, those woods, this meadow --so many things.

Can it be true that there would be little that will
bring me joy when you are here? No! So many things!

If there were no moon, nor stars, nor sun then the light
that fills your eyes would set aglow so many things.

And when I hear you speak I would learn all the words
that would teach even Romeo so many things.

Should the universe demand I repay my debt
for your loving me, I would owe so many things.

Now let us tell of all the blessings of your love
that each moment leave with Nichael so many things.


-- Ghazal #8 (Birthday Ghazal: blue, crystal)

Hear my voice, under this pure blue, crystal
clear sky, singing like bells of true crystal.

See the clear glass of my heart, like the warm
sand of the beach frozen into crystal.

As I wake, the frigid December dawn
paints on my window each small new crystal.

Dancing up my faint kitchen wall are stars
born from the sun’s light piercing through crystal.

Sitting on its shelf, her grandmother’s gift:
the Chilean doll she gave to Crystal.


Nichael Cramer lives, woodworks, reads, writes, and lives (with his wife Crystal Washburn), in southern Vermont.