Tracy Fiebiger

The Wild Dakini


The galloping wind turned me into an unbroken dark bay Thoroughbred,

Nine years old, elusive and free, I lassoed the wind and the wild Dakini.


“Forever more with the sunsets and stingrays”, she tore a hole in the sky,

Crumbling coquina castles off the old Key bridge, cried the wild Dakini.


She cut Cape Captiva in two, stripped the leaves off the mangrove trees;

Sanibell’s sacred seashells were stolen by the wake of the wild Dakini.


Where do seahorses and turtles go when the hurricane churns the sea?

Only sharks delay for another day the inevitable task of the wild Dakini.


Sky dancer within a light filled promise, free from harsh horizontal rain;

Calm winds bring blue skies to tame us before we follow the wild Dakini.


Volatile priestess guides all to the unknown, Tracy’s typhoon trajectory,

Rearranging the shores of folklore I’ve touched toes with the wild Dakini.


Tracy Fiebiger is an art educator, artist and poet.