Deborah Leipziger

The Map of Amber


The sap has hardened and trapped these traces

All manner of petals, insects, and places


Each of these spaces and countries

Has marked you with its indomitable places


Held in the amber are remnants

Filaments of flowers from unknown places


The leavings of the frozen sea

Antenna hair and wood fruit from buried places


Know that you hold and carry

All of the countries, scars, and places


All of the faces are reflected here

The dark and light of the translucent places


In my smooth surface with its liquid landscape

Bee stings are buried in forgotten places




Deborah Leipziger is an author, poet, and professor. Her chapbook, Flower Map, was published by Finishing Line Press (2013).  In 2014, her poem “Written on Skin” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  She is the co-founder of Soul-Lit, an on-line poetry magazine. Born in Brazil, Ms. Leipziger is the author of several books on human rights and sustainability. Her poems have been published in Salamander, Voices Israel, POESY, Wilderness House Review, Ibbetson Street, and the Muddy River Poetry Review, among others.