Nichael Cramer

-- Ghazal #11 (The forms that "Alone" can take)

We'll speak, whether we are together or alone,
of the many ways that there are to be alone.

Down the windswept fenceline the crossrails are missing,
and now this remaining post has begun to lean.

Sitting here, long after my buddies have gone home
to their wives, now the barman's eyes tell me: No ale.

Bold! Steadfast! Our solitary pillar of strength!
Tell us, who can this be other than a Leo!

High in this oak at autumn's end, most leaves have been
gone for a week. How sweet to be that final one.

Days since the injury... How it adds to her pain
she must be the one to rub on her own aloe.

Having wrapped me within a snow-softened stillness,
the empty street now brings the gift of a Noel.

You know, you shouldn't find it strange that suddenly
no one seems to know you when you come for the loan.

It can be hard to recall I'm not on my own
when I hear that saddest of all songs "Nichael, no!"

Nichael Cramer (nichael[at]sover[dot]net) woodworks, reads, writes, and lives (with his wife Crystal Washburn), in southern Vermont.