Adam Reynolds

Ghazal of the Impossible Music

Sound admitted through doors of tomorrow alone
one day it's said truth itself will appear alone

plainly dressed in colour that cannot be buried
appearing like day does over not one land alone

a mandolin and an oud make love
it is not necessary to be alone

impossible music, new poetry
not just for you or me alone

like lungs a tide breathed in out
in time something grew true alone

planet turn us back into ourselves
rotating us out of the unreal alone


Ghazal of the Poet Hai Zi

One cannot live by poetry alone
sad village left standing alone

in what can be understood
by yesterday's snow alone

a thousand years in the fireplace, poetry
like ashes, on a journey downstream alone

with life behind you, now facing the sea
leaving all that is found on earth alone

tombs crack, wildflowers break out
heaven's horse wandering off alone

injured the swan still flies the final miles
clearing the last rooftop of nighttime alone

Adam Reynolds was raised in the UK. His work has been published in Orbis, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Literateur, Borderlines, 10x3 and previously in Ghazal Page. He currently lives and works in the cultural sector within the Middle East.