Gillian Telford

          On Being Alone

You reach out one morning, then remember you’re alone.
Looking back with wisdom, you can rest, secure alone.

We’re primed to find a place within our own tribe. Even
the outcast circles the pack, when wounded, sore, alone.

How many, trapped within the confines of their world,
have never searched for skies where raptors soar alone?

From Kiribati, Tonga, every low-lying island,
as inundation threatens, can you save your shores, alone?

Who walks beneath the Snow Gods, knows Dhaulagiri.
Even as the prayer mills turn, never more alone.

Jung changed this life when I embraced introversion!
Nourished by my inner world; rich, not poor, alone.


Gillian Telford is an Australian poet, born in England of Irish parents who lives on the NSW Central Coast. Her poems have been widely published in anthologies, journals and online publications, recently including The Ghazal Page. Twice short-listed for the Newcastle Poetry Prize, she has two published collections, ‘Moments of Perfect Poise’, Ginninderra Press, 2008 and ‘An Indrawn Breath’, Picaro Press, 2015, the latter being assisted by a Varuna Writers Centre Fellowship.