David Jalajel


These cars & sex acts intersect. They hold
to a tradition city life embraces.

Enormous paper lanterns strung like dolls
showcase our northern sun & ocean view.

Adventures in the kitchen, even now,
force us into common rituals.

The contoured edges bathe our summer pool
in priceless lights evoking cocktail flames.

We’d always bring along old fashioned spiced
sausage to our culinary crimes.

Seems like distant memories of rainy
day barbeques & luncheons, with fine art.

Remind us, will you, it’s again high time
to sing our praises of the family?


Don’t ever fail to break a useful song
To mild, long-suffering delirium.

Constricted pupils and tinnitus, when
Pressure and desire convert to figures.

Scored centuries of classics, pre-maintained
For those you think are focused on perfection.

Your lost golf swing you’ll need to vindicate,
Good presentations positively channelled.

Do what the public wants, since excess risk
Brings remedies for those whose hands shake hard.

When parties take collections and head off
Compulsions, people start to work at getting.

Mindsets that you must not soon forget,
You’ve five good days till nominations close.


How are you alright when these pulse rates
Are by no means diminishing, but ticking?

Off, the second hand seems totally
Panned out to conform, well in advance.

With calls to fix the closely monitored
Peaks, hear their heartfelt tempos tripping.

Any significant requests for time,
A clockwork’s progress cautions you against.

Clear the carpets, the chairs, the lamps, the other
Amenities need nailing down or stripping!

To jumpstart rhythms, keep the beats real slow,
So small a thing could send your patients hence.

Certain versus Potential Harm

To aid the chemical digestion, turn
Coverage to the peak in high-yield meals.

Conviction fails such pioneers, for whom
A private plotline very much reveals.

Interminable lectures to instruct
Warm hearts on how to walk in devilish heels.

But often pause. A belly-to-the-breeze
Honeys a hellish landscape’s bold appeals.

For any in this blistering heat, the culture
Not only thinks it plausible, but feels.

The deed encourages such reverence,
Whose every weighty moment nightly kneels.

That’s chemistry, where distilled collisions
Define the way you cradle your ordeals.

It’s safer daily humour if you lose
Control to those fleet, momentary peals.

Bio: David Jalajel is the author of Moon Ghazals (Beard of Bees Press, 2009), a full length poem in Sapphic stanzas entitled Cthulhu on Lesbos (Ahadada Books, 2011), and a chapbook in Dan Waber’s This is Visual Poetry series (2013). His work has appeared in a number of online and print journals, including Otoliths, Shampoo, experiential-experimental-literature, Recursive Angel, The New Post-Literate, Anti-, Lynx, Mizna, and The Ghazal Page.