May 29, 2017,

Issue 69 is finally here!  Welcome to 14 superlative ghazals by 8 talented poets with a wide spectrum of interpretations of “Faith".

SPECIAL NOTICE:  We have discovered that aol is blocking our emails (and perhaps all yandex emails).  If you send a submission from an aol address we may receive it but you will never get our reply (and never get a chance to make corrections before publication).  Please send all submissions and other email to the Ghazal Page from a non-aol address.

Issue 70 (hopefully June) is already full, but there is still a chance to be published in issue 71 with the theme “Childhood" — its joys, its sorrows, how to waste it, remembering it, or whatever else you have to say — scheduled for July.  Preference will be given to submissions received before June 30.  The theme for issue 73 will be “Wind".

Please read our updated Submission Guidelines before submitting.

Publication Announcement:  Steffen Horstmann's second book of ghazals Ujjain is now out from Partridge.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Alice Sanford
Advice (To Be Taken) on Faith

Tracy Fiebiger
Friends - The Faithful and the Faithless
Dastardly Daydreams

Thomas Locicero
Night after Robert Bly

David Subacchi
Faith in the People
What is Faith?

Alison Stone
Faith Ghazal

Ruth Asch
A Gift of Faith

Michele Waering
Mustard Seed

Karen Winterburn
All Other Loves
At Center
Arrive at Love