Steffen Horstmann

Through spirals of a seashell a hurricane advances,
Like wind in a tunnel through which a train advances. 

In a chalk-white chapel with varnished pews, rosaries
Are uttered as the chorus of the rain advances. 

Burnt hills at dusk, slight blades of spinning leaves — 
As a scything wind through fields of grain advances. 

A disciple to his guiding ghost — behind you
In a mirror the image of Montaigne advances. 

Heat waves above dunes evolve to dancing flames — 
Toward a mirage of palms the fiery terrain advances. 

Bolts of lightning are oars rowing fast clouds,
As the flood rising in the Seine advances.



Steffen Horstmann

Radiant mica swirling
In the Seine accumulates. 

Beaded ice on a mustang's
Mane accumulates. 

Reeling debris ensnared
In a hurricane accumulates. 

Pollen swarming above fields
Of burnished grain accumulates. 

Smoke funneling from the engine
Of a diesel train accumulates. 

Blue dust billowing on the steppes
Of the Ukraine accumulates. 

Frozen dew shrouding stalks
Of sugarcane accumulates. 

Iridescent oil bubbling
On a Siberian plain accumulates. 

Bleached driftwood petrifying
On a coastal plain accumulates. 

Ashen soot on the shrouded
Shield of Gawain accumulates. 

Phosphorescent sand on the reefs
Of Kwajalen accumulates. 

Glinting ash propelled
From volcanic terrain accumulates. 

Frost clouding a shadowed
Pane accumulates.



Steffen Horstmann

Luminescent comets spin like wheels in a solar fire.
A black vortex of whirling meteors reels in a solar fire. 

Machetes of lightning slice lava clouds as shock waves
Burst in currents that slither like eels in a solar fire. 

Oceans of white flames emit pentagrams of light
That convulse & revolve like wheels in a solar fire.


STEFFEN HORSTMANN has written more than one hundred ghazals in English. His poems and book reviews have appeared in publications throughout the world, including in Baltimore Review, Common Ground Review, Istanbul Literary Review, The Kashmir Walla, Texas Poetry Journal, and Tiferet. His book of ghazals, Jalsaghar will be published in November by Kariboux Limited.