Sunil Uniyal

An open expanse of amazement, full of longing, is my existence
Where the lament of my heart is like a voiceless bird's presence 

When is autumn? When is spring? I don't know
A caged nightingale bereft of wings — my life is so 

It’s sheer chance that the one who steals your heart is faithful, too
Otherwise one’s sighing or complaining in love never comes true 

The thought of your mischievousness, in my grief, no solace brings
When I vow to renew my longing, the hand of regret wrings !



Sunil Uniyal

Trouble bearing before my eyes are these doors and walls
For passion’s gaze, feathers and wings are these doors and walls 

The flood of tears from my eyes has inundated my house
Many more walls and doors are in these doors and walls 

It’s not their shadow, just the good news of Beloved’s coming,
That forward a few steps are these doors and walls 

Much abundant is, O God, the glory of Your wine
In my lane ecstatic are even these doors and walls 

Come, if you want to buy some goods from waiting
You'll see them all displayed against these doors and walls 

I didn’t make provisions adequate for lament
So that on my feet do not fall these doors and walls 

All things at home prick my eyes in your absence
I always weep while gazing at these doors and walls 

Don’t tell anyone, Ghalib, that there is none in the world
Who can keep love secret, but for these doors and walls !


SUNIL UNIYAL (1953 - ), from India, has been writing poems and haiku for the last thirty years and many of these have found space in e-journals like Muse India, Kritya, Notes From the Gean, A Hundred Gourds and Whispers in the Wind. He is also engaged in the translation of Hindi and Urdu poets like Kabir, Sur, Mir and Ghalib. His work in translation, The Target is Behind the Sky- Fifty Poems of Kabir was brought out by Low Price Publications, Delhi, in Feb. 2012. His other interests include religion, art and archaeology and he has even written a monograph on Games and Sports in Indian Art and Archaeology. Having served the Government of India for over thirty-four years, Mr Uniyal now leads a quiet retired life with his family comprising of a teacher wife and a challenged daughter in Ghaziabad, near Delhi.